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Smith & Wesson Master Engraver Wayne D'Angelo

Wayne D'Angelo

"I think what makes engraving so attractive is the wonder of how it's done. With my experience as a jeweler, designer and gunsmith, I've developed many of my own tools and techniques. I love my work and the enjoyment it brings to people who love engraved firearms."

~Wayne D'Angelo
Smith & Wesson Master Engraver

Since our founding in 1852, Smith & Wesson has employed the finest metal artisans of their era, including Gustave Young, Harry Jarvis and Alvin White. Each left a legacy of Artistry in Arms.

This tradition lives today through the work of Smith & Wesson Master Engraver Wayne D'Angelo. His work reflects the American style, emphasizing techniques such as Bulino engraving, ornamental scrollwork, precious metal inlays and modeling in raised relief.

Within the elite ranks of firearms engravers, Wayne D'Angelo's experience as a fine jeweler, a designer and a Smith & Wesson gunsmith is unparalleled. His engraving skills are complemented by his knowledge of precious metals and stones, his eye for imagery and balance, and his intimate understanding of revolvers and pistols. By integrating time-honored methods with his characteristic creativity, Wayne is an innovator in firearms engraving.

Arguably the most striking engraving technique Wayne employs is Bulino. Complex images are created using minute cuts and dots, producing the halftone effect and visual realism of a black and white photograph. The process is painstaking. The result is stunning.

For more information about custom engraving your Smith & Wesson handgun or to receive a catalog of custom engraving services, call  and ask for our firearm engraving catalog.

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